Books Over Balls, NFP

Janiela McKinney is a 20 year old journalist from Chicago, IL that currently attend Richard Daley city college. Though she plans to transfer to an university in pursuit of a bachelor’s in Convergence Journalism, she continues to grow and learn the journalism industry. She currently produces & co-hosts a 30 minute segment on WVON-1690 AM called the Millennial segment with host Perri Smalls and co-host Justin Shaifer. This segment talks about all things affecting millennials to pop culture, education, economics, and more. She is also currently interning at 247HH as pre-production & post-production intern, which is a Chicago based hip hop blog. She has experience in print, radio and television journalism since her start at Free Spirit Media in 2012. Her experiences have led her to strive to teach young men and women about their local opportunities. At Books Over Balls she is the Public Relations for the Junior Advisory Board and will be connecting Books over Balls to young men across the city as well as media professionals. Books Over Balls interests her because she gets the chance to watch and help young men find alternative ways to spend their time wisely and understand the support they have in their respective communities.

For the past 3 years Kenneth Jones have been volunteering with (BOB). He was one of the first 5 members to join (BOB) as a student- athlete. The relationship with (BOB) has enabled his skill set to be an honorable intern for (BOB) and participate in a substantial amount of contributions to Chicago community events. In addition to becoming an (BOB) ambassador for the organization, the experiences have transformed from a personal student – athlete perspective into a business students perspective that reminds that student – athlete his true purpose is to impact lives better than (BOB) impacted his.

Robert Tavory Robinson, is a 20 year old designer born and raised in Chicago, IL, who currently attends Beloit College, in Beloit Wisconsin. As of September 17, 2016, he will be known as an “international ambassador” for Books Over Balls. After a rigorous application process, Robert managed to qualify to study abroad at the University of Sunderland, in Sunderland England, to study business and fashion for a semester, returning back to Beloit college campus in the spring. Currently, Robert operates his own clothing brand titled, “Robert Tavory,” which is a lifestyle brand that highlights the trajectory of life, positive and negative. Beginning with his first collection, “Broke College Student,” Robert plans to connect as many people as possible who embodies what it means to be a student at the collegiate level. While preparing to go abroad, and managing a clothing brand, Robert’s effort to serve his community is endless. Robert’s introduction to Books Over Balls has led him to see what it’s like to be a mentor, and advisor for the teens of Chicago. Books Over Balls has honored Robert with the title, “President of the Junior Advisee Board,” an executive board that works closely with the administers of BOB to make sure all goals are met throughout each year. Books Over Balls has been an outlet for Robert, since his first day meeting CEO and President, Fernando Vincent the spring of 2014. After Mr. Vincent shared his visions of BOB with Robert, immediately Robert was committed to being a resource Mr. Vincent could use. Robert’s ultimate goal with BOB is to help rehabilitate, revitalize, and renovate broken communities, by initially being a role model for the young men and women who enters the camp of Books Over Balls.

Stephon Hester, 20, optimistic BOB Junior Advisory Board Member graduated from Urban Prep an all African American male college preparatory high school where he gained professional skills. Stephon accomplished a lot in high school, receiving four Honor Roll Certificates for Cum Laude, was chosen to meet and have dinner with the Mayor of Chicago, Rhyam Emmanual and Govenor Pat Quinn to receive a complementary laptop. After completing his junior year of high school, Stephon was selected to do a two week leadership program at the University of Illinois at Chicago, to teach 4th and 5th graders five different kinds of leadership. After beginning his senior year, Stephon was selected to be a part of a student leadership course and received the Edward Beecher Scholarship to attend Illinois College in Jacksonville, Illinois. At the end of his senior year, Stephon was the only Urban Prep Youngman in history to receive a total of three most exceptional senior awards at the senior tropia. Also, the day before graduation, Stephon was selected along with other young men to recite the Urban Prep creed in the Barbershop 3 film. Stephon is currently a second year student at Illinois College and is a double major in Communication Rhetorical Studies & Psychology to become a counselor. Stephon Joined Books Over Balls because he knew it would expose him to life experiences with what he is majoring in and also to give back to his community because he knows how young children and teenagers from broken and low income homes, struggle to get an education to become a successful individual they want to be.